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Alison Cochrun


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22 octobre 2022

A romance... and much more !

Meet Dev, producer of a reality show, and Charlie, its Prince Charming !

"The Charm Offensive" is a romance... and much more !
-> Mental health, self-acceptance and identity issues are at the heart of this cute and poignant novel.

An original and fun reading for a shot of emotion !

Parker-Chan, Kelley


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17 juin 2022

"I might not know your name. But I know who you are."

She Who Became the Sun relates the story of the origins of the Ming dinasty in ancient China as Zhu decides to take the place - and the fate - of her brother Zhu Chongba, and overthrow the Mongol emperor.

During this incredible historical and brutal journey, we follow two genderqueer characters - Zhu, assigned female at birth and Ouyang, an eunuch male - through strategic battles, political betrayals and on their more personal quest of one's self and destiny.

With light touches of fantasy, Sheller Parker-Chan creates a complex story with layered characters whose strong feelings equal their unmovable determination to achieve their fate no matter what.

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10 juin 2022

Une jolie romance dans un monde complexe

Alex et Henry nous entraînent dans leur romance aussi mignonne qu’impossible. L’histoire est très bien construite et s’enchaîne facilement. La seule petite difficulté que j’ai eu a été la lecture à la 3e personne dans laquelle on perd parfois le fil des discussions. Au delà de ça, on y constate un bon développement des personnages ainsi qu’une bonne morale sur l’acceptation de soi tel que nous sommes.

J’ai tout aussi hâte de voir le film qui devrait sortir d’ici quelques mois !

Nghi Vo

Tor Dot Com

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21 mai 2022

“No maids, no funny talking, no fainting flowers.”

Siren Queen was a wonderful read, full of mysteries, empowerment and reflexion about racism, poverty and power. I loved how the big metaphors about Hollywood became literal (the monsters, the stars, the bargains) and how relationships are created and developped in this world where image is everything. It's also tender in its depiction of love - familial, friendly or romantic - that builds the character of Luli, who is a force of nature we love to follow and see grow.


Xiran Jay Zhao

Margaret K. Mcelderry

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17 mai 2022

When Percy Jackson meets Yu-Gi-Oh

Zachary Ying is an incredibly funny and quite moving story about a young boy who has to learn about his Chinese heritage to save the world (just that!). With a lot of details about Chinese legends (which includes Wu Zetian's spirit), Xiran Jay Zhao pushes us to learn more about Chinese history and mythology, while combining it with their love for sci-fi.
(Zachary Ying is Xiran Jay Zhao's second novel after Iron Widow, but it's their first middle grade one.)