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Kaveh Akbar


Conseillé par (Libraire)
27 janvier 2024

"Becoming an earth martyr. It made sense, and then suddenly it didn't."

Martyr! is surely one of the best books I have read in my life. Through the story of Cyrus, a recovering alcoholic obsessed by the idea of martyrdom, Kaveh Akbar weaves a story about addiction, grief, friendship and grace. There ...

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Rebecca F Kuang

Harper Collins

Conseillé par (Libraire)
25 mai 2023

Yellowface is a thriller full of irony and cynicism about the publishing and, overall, the literary world. The way we follow June as our main character, with her condescension, her racism and her (white) gaze through a success that doesn't ...

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Claire Keegan

Faber and Faber

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22 juillet 2023

"Neither one of us talks, the way people sometimes don’t when they are happy."

Have you ever dreamed of looking at life the way you used to when you were a child ? In Foster, witness the blooming of a child in the Irish countryside during one summer. It's all about healing your inner ...

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