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Nghi Vo

Tor Dot Com

21 mai 2022

“No maids, no funny talking, no fainting flowers.”

Siren Queen was a wonderful read, full of mysteries, empowerment and reflexion about racism, poverty and power. I loved how the big metaphors about Hollywood became literal (the monsters, the stars, the bargains) and how relationships are created and developped ...

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Parker-Chan, Kelley


17 juin 2022

"I might not know your name. But I know who you are."

She Who Became the Sun relates the story of the origins of the Ming dinasty in ancient China as Zhu decides to take the place - and the fate - of her brother Zhu Chongba, and overthrow the Mongol emperor. ...

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Xiran Jay Zhao

Margaret K. Mcelderry

17 mai 2022

When Percy Jackson meets Yu-Gi-Oh

Zachary Ying is an incredibly funny and quite moving story about a young boy who has to learn about his Chinese heritage to save the world (just that!). With a lot of details about Chinese legends (which includes Wu Zetian's ...

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