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Rebecca Makkai


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5 mai 2023

I Have Some Questions For You

‘A modern whodunnit in the Me Too and Black Lives Matter era’ Another very good book written by the author of The Great Believers It has the characteristics of a page-turner (who killed this young student on her university campus ...

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Fonda Lee


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20 avril 2023

An intense novella about giant birds haunting monsters, friendship and failure.

Inspired this time by beasts from the Middle East and Persian mythology (the Roc and the Manticore), Fonda Lee excels, through her -maybe too short- coming of age novella of a young ruhker and and her roc, at depincting complicated ...

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The Borough Press

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20 mai 2023

Yellowface is a thriller full of irony and cynicism about the publishing and, overall, the literary world. The way we follow June as our main character, with her condescension, her racism and her (white) gaze through a success that doesn't ...

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