I Kissed Shara Wheeler

McQuiston, Casey


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    18 mars 2023

    “Of course Shara gave her this instead of an explanation. Of course she cast herself as the main character of her own personal John Green novel.”

    After Red, White and Royal Blue and One Lost Stop, Casey McQuinston tries themselves into their first YA novel and it's a complete success !

    Chloe Green goes looking after her highschool nemesis Shara Wheeler, after she mysteriously disappeared before graduation. For this, she has to team up with Rory, Shara's neighbor, and Smith, Shara's ex-boyfriend, who like her, got curious pink letters addressed to them. Follow unlikely alliances, growing feelings, and a lot of perfumed puzzles to solve.

    I Kissed Shara Wheeler is a funny and uplifting coming of age story with complex and messy teenagers, academic rivals to lovers and surprising and moving friendships. The story itself takes place in the south of the US, in a small town in the Bible Belt, where it can be hard to be queer and out. But the force of McQuinston's novel is that they show with a lot of nuance how queer youth succeed in growing around it, hopeful and proud.

    It's the perfect choice if you're looking for queer positivity, quirky banter between friends and teenage complex feelings about themselves !