James - UK Hardback

Percival Everett (Author)


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    30 mai 2024

    A retelling of The Aventures of Huckleberry Finn

    James is a gripping retelling of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in which Jim is the main character. This time, the story is told by the runaway slave’s point of view, and Percival Everett, far from what Twain presupposed, gives Jim the depth of character that was erased in the first novel.
    With James, Everett gives a proud voice to one of the few Black characters in classic literature, underlining his complex personality and the painful life of a runaway slave in the southern states of America. It’s horrifying but also very funny, because Everett uses the themes of the adventures and comic of age novel (many characters, twists, tension, and comical situations and banter) but also add a moving account of an escaped slave’s situation, his view on the world, and his love for his family. It was my first novel from Everett and I can’t wait to discover his other works !